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  • Spa Massage
  • Car wash/Bike wash services
  • Car/ Bike Rental services
  • Health and Fitness (Gym)
  • Futsal
  • Driving school
  • Dental services
  • Music classes/ Dance classes
  • Barista/ Bartending classes
  • Photography services (wedding/ events)
  • Holiday package
  • Recreation and entertainment (swimming, bowling, jump)
  • Events
How Your Business can benefit from Dealkhana?

Sign up with Dealkhana to explore more clients and serve unique business offers with us to promote your business.

Attract local business by creating Offers

Set up business offers instantly, conveniently, and in line with your business objectives. With Dealkhana, businesses can offer and manage different Campaigns/Offers daily, weekly, monthly and on an annual basis to attract new clients and build consumer loyalty likewise. We have the right tools and professional guidance to help your businesses establish the Offers after registration.

Convert SAD hours into HAPPY hours

We understand that not all business hours are as productive and flexible as we expect. Well, Dealkhana can be a solution for turning the non-productive hours into busy hours. Register your business with us, sell your offers, increase the customer exposure and increase your sales in the least expected hours of the day.

Increase sales and customer loyalty

Dealkhana will assist in attracting and finding customers matching the client’s needs with businesses’ exciting offers. The business offers and campaigns will assist solely for the purpose of attracting new consumers in the business and also increasing the sales during least expected hours or off hours. Increase visibility to customers by getting listed on Dealkhana platform and be a part of our promotional offers.

Hassle-free registration: Cost- free platform

Unlike most e-commerce platforms, Dealkhana is a completely cost free platform for businesses. Moreover, for every coupon sold, Dealkhana provides cash back to your business. The platform is more than a place for deals. We help you find the right audience, help you create exciting offers, boost business loyalty and go beyond just deals.

Location based visibility

Your business can be visible to audiences based on your business location. Our location-based search engines enable customers to conduct searches based on their preferred location, increasing exposure and sales to your business. Dealkhana serves as a tech-driven platform that assists to navigate “nearby businesses” increasing your business visibility.

A great way for inventory clearance

Our platform can serve as a great way to promote merchandise clearance for the inventory or stocks that your business has kept on hold for a long time. You can create a great offer and campaigns to sell the products/services from the list of your slow-moving or old inventories. Create an offer for such inventories and remarket the stocks to increase your sales.

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